Thursday, December 24, 2009

JD or not JD? – That is the question

Clueless Grant Woods thinks he has the answer

(Reprinted from Common Sense)

For those of you who live in Rush Limbaugh’s Rio Linda, JD is former Congressman and current KFYI 550 AM conservative, radio talk-show host. Grant Woods is a washed up politician who formerly held the post of Arizona Attorney General.

You can always tell when a politician is beginning to panic. A leading indicator is a poll that shows them losing ground or trailing another candidate. Not too long ago, Senator John McCain was shown to be out of touch with Arizona and another poll showed him in a statistical dead heat with JD Hayworth, in a bid for the Senate in the 2010 election. This is rather remarkable in-as-much as Hayworth is not even in the race. In fact, his position does not differ dramatically from that of Charlie the mailman who serves the postal route in our neighborhood. Charlie also has not declared his candidacy for the Senate seat, and we doubt he will. However, JD might, and this is why McCain is showing signs of discomfort.

Many seasoned politicians keep a bag of dirty tricks in their closets, that they haul out when the season starts. In a cowardly attempt to ensure they maintain the aura of “Mr. Clean,” they get someone else to do the dirty work for them. Grant Woods is apparently eager to fill that role. He recently filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission in Washington, alleging that Mr. Hayworth and his employer, Clear Channel, the owner of KFYI, are violating federal law through in-kind contributions, in a bid to launch JD’s campaign for the US Senate.

It is the nature of talk shows that callers will phone in and suggest that the host ought to run for this office or that. Some of JD’s fans have talked to him about running for governor; others have suggested taking back his seat from Congressman Harry Mitchell, and of course, some believe that JD would make a fine US senator. John McCain has alienated a substantial portion of his natural base by drifting leftward, and no issue separates candidate McCain and non-candidate Hayworth more than illegal immigration. McCain is virtually an icon for immigration reform, (wink-wink) which is just another way of saying: Let’s keep the floodgates open so non-citizens

can destroy our country (McAmnesty). Hayworth has been very critical of McCain and others on this, and wants sealed borders along with strong measures to encourage illegals to pack up and move to their natural homes. This division makes McCain and Hayworth natural political rivals, and sets the stage for a potential battle.

Will JD declare himself a candidate? At this point nobody knows, including Hayworth himself. Political life is not a bed of roses. It exposes anyone who decides to swim in those murky waters to the seedy underside of human behavior. Anything goes, families become fair game, and even non-candidates who are suspected of posing a potential threat become targets. Frequently it is the American people who suffer the most, when the vanguards of special interests prevail. Maybe this time we will get lucky. Keep your fingers crossed and support the candidate who supports us, the little guys. One thing is sure. Whatever feud simmered between Grant Woods and John McCain for almost two decades has been put aside in their mutual political panic concerning the popularity of JD Hayworth with the Republican Base in Arizona.

That’s a small miracle at this special time of year-and in its own strange way, makes Hayworth a uniter, not a divider!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The sheriff vs the feds and illegals

A m e r i c a n P o s t - G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona

December 19, 2009

Obama administration sides with lawbreakers

Sheriff Joe fights back - you can help


My Dear Friends:

.I am outraged at the sham being played right now by the Obama administration to stop my lawful enforcement of our immigration laws. Please - I need your help today.

The United State Justice Department just advertised late last week that they established a Sheriff Joe Arpaio "Hotline" fo

r the sole purpose of soliciting people (so-called victims) to call and report so-called injustices and wrongdoings that my deputies are allegedly conducting. This is a blatant and transparent demonstration of the hollow shell of the Justice Department's non-existent case against me. Further, it clearly shows the level of outright fraud on their part to bring baseless allegations against the very deputies that THEY THEMSELVES trained to arrest illegal aliens.

Just last month, the Obama White House through the Justice Department and Homeland Security Department under Janet Napolitano, took away my authority to make street arrests and detain illegal immigrants and human smugglers. I have defied that outrageous and irresponsible federal policy that does nothing but tie the hands of Sheriffs and Police officers all across the country.

Since October when my Deputy Sheriffs had their federal authority pulled by the Obama White House, we have continued crime suppression operations in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the Laws of the State of Arizona. My office, in this short month-and-a-half time, has arrested 54 felony smugglers and caused the deportation of over 1,400 illegal aliens. This brings to a total of illegal aliens captured and deported to almost 35,000 in the last two years. This represents almost one-third of the total arrests and deportations in the entire United States; and more than all of the other 64 local law enforcement agencies combined.

The Obama White House wants to put me out of business. Why?

The only reason they are doing this is to stop me from enforcing the laws of this state and our country. Why? Why would they try to prevent me from arresting those who are breaking the law? It all comes down to AMNESTY. They want to so badly weaken laws against illegal immigration that they can establish automatic citizenship for those who cross our borders illegally. It is appalling to think that the Obama administration wants to spend our tax dollars in placing these criminals in hospitals and hotels at our expense while they figure out a way to con the citizens of the United States that this is good for our economy. This is rubbish and insults the intelligence of hard working Americans.

If the liberal politicians and media want me to stop arresting illegal immigrants and human smugglers, then they need to change the law. For me to pick and choose which laws I want to enforce would not only be a dereliction of duty, it would lead to anarchy and chaos. I am saddened that so few politicians will join this fight and choose to ignore the laws and make empty excuses as to why we cannot secure our borders. That is why I need your help today.

The DOJ knows full well that by establishing a toll-free number, in English and in Spanish, that my political opponents, left-wing open borders activists and extremists can "stack the deck" and make any open-ended allegation they want to. The Department of Justice has already lied and openly violated the rights of my Deputies.

The allegations against me and my office are already absurd. You can just imagine what will happen now.

Never in my thirty years of working as a federal law enforcement official did we ever target a locally elected Sheriff the way this Obama Administration has. This is a fight that I cannot lose. This is the front line in the battle on illegal immigration. This is a fight that WE cannot lose.

The same people who have called me a racist; depicted me as a KKK member hanging a Hispanic man; burned me in effigy; beheaded me in effigy then paraded my severed head in a mob of cheering protesters; sued and picketed me will be calling that hotline on daily basis making more and more outrageous and false claims against me and my dedicated Deputies.

This action by the Justice Department is completely irresponsible, reckless and provocative. In fact, it's so far out there they may have gotten the idea from the Reverend Al Sharpton. (The Rev. Al Sharpton came to Phoenix earlier this year just so he could hold an Anti-Arpaio rally and label me a racist.)

Today, I make you a steadfast promise: No matter what political shenanigans these people try, I will never back down one inch. And, I'm not going to surrender.

But I desperately need your help.

These left-wing groups and their allies in the media need to know just how strong the support is among law-abiding people like you for me and my policies. They are mounting an all out effort to remove me as Sheriff. For months now, people have been bused in to protest in front of my headquarters. Will you please stand with me and help me fight this fight?

It's going to take a lot of resources to combat these false allegations - as well as the latest talk about a recall campaign against me. We anticipate the hardest campaign in Maricopa county history to remove me due to my unyielding stance on illegal immigration enforcement.

Your financial support today is so critical. Please log on to right now and make a much needed contribution. Any amount you can offer today is tremendously appreciated. I promise I will not let you down. Our country's future depends on what we do now.

I cannot thank you enough for joining me in this battle. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County

P.S. In addition to making a contribution, please do me a favor and forward this email to your friends, family and other individuals who share our views. Together we can win this fight. Thank you.

Paid for by Re-Elect Joe Arpaio 2012

Friday, December 18, 2009

Politicians worse than payday lenders

Payday lenders have been unsuccessfully trying to get the law that allows them to operate extended. Without this change, the industry will cease to exist on July 1, 2010.

You may have noticed that various politicians, including Attorney General Terry Goddard, have lined up to bash the payday loan industry. Typical of this bashing has been regulator, er, legislator Debbie McCune-Davis bashing payday lenders for charging a 391% annual interest rate.

But when it comes to usurious activities by our city officials, Goddard and McCune Davis look the other way.

In late September I received a $16 parking ticket from the City of Phoenix for an expired meter. Actually, someone else was driving my car, and I paid the ticket, but the City says the payment arrived too late and has assessed extra charges. It's now mid-December, about two and a half months after receiving the ticket, and the $16 ticket has grown to $58.

For those of you with a calculator at home that's a 1,226% annual interest rate, a rate that would make your neighborhood loan shark blush.

I've got no love for the payday loan industry, but I would have been much better off taking a loan out from a payday lender, even at 341% interest, and paying the City with that money. Of course, the politicians want to rid me of that option by eliminating payday lenders. It's also interesting to note that payday lenders can only sue you if you don't pay, whereas the City will take your car away for nonpayment (but don't worry, you can take their crappy bus service or trolley around if you lose your car!)

So I ask you, who is worse, the payday lender or the politician?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Criminal Complaint Filed against Presiding Criminal Judge


County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced today that a criminal complaint has been filed against Judge Gary Donahoe for hindering prosecution, obstruction of justice and bribery. The counts involve the alleged obstruction of a criminal inquiry into the new Court Tower involving the Superior Court, the Board of Supervisors, and their shared law firm, along with other acts.

Judge Donahoe had scheduled a hearing today on the Board of Supervisors’ unprecedented request that the County Attorney be barred from prosecuting them or other county employees for any crime. Such a hearing, which the County Attorney’s Office regards as illegal, has apparently never before been held in Arizona history. It would have allowed, and all but ensured, that ongoing grand-jury matters, which are confidential by state statute, be aired in front of criminal defendants and suspects. Judge Donahoe now has vacated the hearing.

Thomas stated, “When persons who are charged with enforcing the law willfully misuse that authority to protect themselves or their benefactors from investigation or prosecution for possible crimes, that conduct will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.”

Arpaio stated, “I have many officers working in the court system who have an ongoing relationship with the judiciary. Today’s events pertaining to Judge Donahoe are unfortunate and difficult. But it is our joint duty to uphold the law. When one fails to do so, one must be held accountable.”

Stapley, Wilcox Indicted


Other Investigations Continue

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced today that the Maricopa County grand jury has indicted Supervisors Donald T. Stapley Jr. and Mary Rose Wilcox.
Stapley has been indicted on 2 counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, 19 counts of theft, and 2 counts each of perjury, forgery and false swearing. The first count of fraudulent schemes involves obtaining mortgage loans under fraudulent pretenses. The second fraudulent scheme and theft counts relate to Stapley’s alleged solicitation and use of NACo campaign funds for personal aggrandizement.

Stapley allegedly spent $6000 of these funds at Bang and Olufson electronics, along with $1300 for hair implants, $400 for candle holders and $10,000 for furniture for his home. He also spent these funds, solicited as campaign money, to buy tickets to Broadway plays and movie theatres, flowers, grocery store bills, massages, department stores and trips for his family to Sundance, Utah to ski, a trip for his son and friends to Florida and a three-week vacation in Hawaii for his entire family at a beach house costing approximately $11,000.

Wilcox was indicted for 12 counts of conflict of interest and 8 counts each of perjury, forgery and false swearing. Wilcox obtained five known loans from Chicanos Por La Causa, an organization devoted to assisting the disadvantaged, through its lending arm, Prestamos. While she had a $7500 loan outstanding in 2002 and into 2003, she allegedly voted on numerous contracts or grants involving that agency as a member of the Board of Supervisors. She never filed any type of conflict notice with the Clerk of the Board as required by law. She continued to vote to give Chicanos Por La Causa funds in 2004-2005 then obtained an additional loan of $50,000 in 2005. While that loan was outstanding, she voted in 2005-2006 to give the same organization contracts or grants. In 2008, she received three loans, one personal loan for $120,000 and two business loans totalling $240,000.

In an effort to mediate differences with the Board of Supervisors, Thomas transferred the first Stapley case and other criminal investigations to the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office. After sheriff’s deputies arrested Stapley on new charges earlier this year, and following the failure of these efforts at reconciliation, Yavapai County returned ongoing matters to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, and Thomas appointed special prosecutors to investigate them. However, in an unprecedented act, the Board refused to approve their appointment. As a result of these and related factors, including an attempt to save taxpayer dollars, Thomas’ office has opted to prosecute these matters itself.

Thomas stated the law is clear there is no conflict of interest for his office to prosecute county officers or employees for crimes, and these defendants will be treated the same as any others. Even retired Judge Kenneth Fields, whom Arpaio and Thomas sued in a federal racketeering lawsuit last week, found there was no conflict of interest in the County Attorney’s Office’s first indictment and prosecution of Stapley.

The Arizona Court of Appeals has held specifically that the Maricopa County Attorney can prosecute a Maricopa County elected official for crimes in office without a conflict of interest (State v. Brooks). The Arizona Supreme Court likewise found no conflict of interest in the Attorney General’s prosecution of Governor Evan Mecham.

All of the defendants named in the federal racketeering lawsuit filed last week by Arpaio and Thomas are under active criminal investigation for hindering prosecution and other offenses. Sheriff’s deputies have formally requested voluntary interviews from the four Superior Court Judges named in the lawsuit.

Thomas stated that any person, and particularly government employee or taxpayer-funded individual, who takes any public or private action to obstruct or intimidate investigation or prosecution of county officials or employees will be dealt with appropriately. Sheriff Arpaio stated, “The allegations against these elected officials reflect a pattern of their using their offices to benefit themselves.” “Nobody is above the law,” said Thomas. “Our office will continue to aggressively prosecute whitecollar, fraud and public-corruption cases.”

Monday, December 7, 2009



Officer’s Judgment Right or Wrong; Jail Time Unacceptable

(Maricopa County, Arizona) An examination of Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Gary
Donahoe’s record over the past 18 months shows that defendants who have committed crimes such as child abuse, drug possession, and aggravated assault, often walk away without serving any jail time. Yet, this week, when a young Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office detention officer who acted in good faith attempting to maintain the safety and security of courtroom staff and the public, was ordered to serve jail time by Judge Donahoe as a way to fire a political shot and to send a message to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Some examples of Judge Donahoe’s past rulings are as follows:

Tommy Hammond Reckless Child Abuse No Jail Time
CR2004-018462-001 Class 3 Felony Probation Only
(Presentence report states the child suffered “serious physical injury”)

Zachary James Alosi Theft of Means of Transportation No Jail Time
CR2007-174674-003 Class 3 Felony Probation Only

David Earl Sharp Theft of Credit Card or Obtaining No Jail Time
CR2007-169111-001 a Credit Card by Fraudulent Means Probation Only
Class 5 Felony

Christopher Sandoval Possession or Use of Narcotic No Jail Time
CR2007-112755-001 Drugs Probation Only
Class 4 Felony

Steve Elliott Eilers Solicitation of Perjury No Jail Time
CR2008-006933-001 Class 6 Felony Probation Only

Jerome Henley Possession or Use of No Jail Time
CR2007-153604-001 Marijuana Probation Only
Class 1 Misdemeanor

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and members of the law enforcement community have
expressed shock and disappointment in the fact that Detention Officer Adam Stoddard was jailed this week for civil contempt.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) stated, “Punitive actions issued from the bench for apparent political purposes against a law enforcement officer acting in good faith were
completely unnecessary in this situation.”

Officer Stoddard was working as the security officer in Judge Lisa Flores’ courtroom when a
criminal hearing was held on October 19, 2009 for known Mexican Mafia associate, Defendant
Antonio Lozano. During that hearing, Officer Stoddard’s training and education caused him to
detect that Mexican Mafia activity may have been afoot between the defendant and what he believed to be out of custody gang members in the courtroom who could potentially jeopardize the safety and security of the courtroom.

While addressing the security concern, Officer Stoddard noticed a document written in pencil, which led him to believe was written by the defendant in plain view, that he had not previously checked for contraband. Upon quick review of the document, Stoddard determined that certain words further heightened his security concerns. In a split second decision, Officer Stoddard took the document in plain view of the judge and security cameras that he was aware would be captured on tape, and handed it over to another officer for copying to preserve the evidence for security purposes.

Judge Donahoe took several days to determine that the contents of this document posed no seriousthreat to security of the courtroom. Perhaps if Officer Stoddard had the luxury of thinking about his decision for several days he may have acted differently. Officer Stoddard instead had little time to make a decision because of the threat that he perceived.

The document was part of the defense counsel’s case file. The document was subsequently shared with the judge but, importantly, was never shared with the prosecutor. To date the contents of this document have been sealed by the court.

Judge Donahoe originally ordered Officer Stoddard to hold a press conference in front of the court
building to publicly apologize to defense counsel or go to jail. Judge Donahoe further ordered that
the defense attorney be satisfied with Stoddard’s apology or risk going to jail upon her decision.

The Sheriff’s Office stands behind Officer Stoddard because the security threat he perceived was
very real and Officer Stoddard was doing his best to protect the judge, attorneys, and everyone in the courtroom. Sheriff Arpaio stated, “If this judge wants to take a politically motivated shot at my office, he should take it at me, not a young hard-working detention officer trying to do his job.”

Judge Donahoe’s treatment of Officer Stoddard is unconscionable and unprecedented. Officer
Stoddard – a hardworking detention officer who was acting in good faith to protect the judge and her courtroom, and who has not been convicted of a crime – must be freed immediately!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Why is AZ Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett covering criminal issues when she has 5 Failures to Appear?

Why does Arizona Republic reporter Yvonne Wingett support the criminal activities of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors? Maybe is because her track record with the law isn't so clean either. Yvonne Wingett is the Arizona Republic reporter assigned to cover the county and criminal issues. Her articles appear to be nothing more than press releases for the County Supervisors, regularly attacking law enforcement. We have discovered the reason for this. She has five Failures to Appear in court. WHY ISN'T SHE IN JAIL???? Anyone else would be. She flaunts the law. What is this woman, who clearly has no respect for the law, doing assigned to cover criminal issues? It is unclear from the case numbers what kind of offenses these were, probably some kind of traffic offense. At any rate, it is inappropriate for someone who repeatedly puts others lives at danger on the road then is held unaccountable, to be covering criminal issues involving county law enforcement and the Superior Court. She needs to be removed from covering these kinds of issues, as we have seen in her coverage of Sheriff Arpaio and County Attorney Thomas's prosecution of the supervisors, she will not provide fair coverage.

(To look up Yvonne Wingett's Failures to Appear, click here and search on her name)

TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal

TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal

TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal

TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal

TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal


TEMPE, AZ 852831401Phoenix Municipal

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Silly Arizona Republic editorial glosses over criminal issues in racketeering complaint

The Arizona Republic wrote an editorial yesterday entitled, "Dear Judge, Toss aside case from Arpaio, Thomas." Besides the obvious fact it is inappropriate for a newspaper to tell a judge how to handle a case, especially a high-profile criminal case, it is pretty clear from the editorial that no one bothered to even read the racketeering complaint. No wonder the Republic's circulation keeps tanking, in Journalism 101 they teach you to read about the subject you're going to write on. Instead, it's quite clear they knew what they were going to write before they ever read the facts. It has become painfully obvious that the Republic's editorial board and reporter Yvonne Wingett are essentially writing press releases for the Supervisors, there is no objectivity in their articles.

If the editorial board had actually read the complaint, they might have expressed a little concern over what's really happening: the Board of Supervisors is stonewalling Arpaio's and Thomas's efforts to prosecute two of their own for felonies, and they are protecting them by buying off the Superior Court through promising them a $341 million brand-new court tower with penthouse quarters for judges. Their attorney, Tom Irvine, is also the attorney for the Superior Court, a blatant conflict of interest that any 1st year law student could spot. And they're using our tax dollars to do all of this. Our tax dollars are funding their stonewalling efforts, Tom Irvine, and their new Shadow County Attorney's Office they've set up.

What would the Republic's editorial board like to happen instead? Dismiss the criminal complaints against Supervisors Stapley and Wilcox and let them walk around without ever being held accountable? Without laws and the enforcement of laws in society, we have chaos. Now we hear that Stapley is going to be promoted to chairman of the Board of Supervisors! Enough is enough. Irvine should have his bar license removed and should be required to reimburse the taxpayers for the millions of dollars he's taken in within the past couple of years from the Supervisors and the Superior Court.

Racketeering complaint against Supervisors, Superior Court, and their unethically shared attorney