Thursday, September 10, 2009

Compiled list of County Supervisors' wasteful spending, power grabs, and criminal investigations

"Maricopa County has become the new Chicago when it comes to corruption in politics"

One of our readers has compiled a list of the wasteful pork spending by the Maricopa County Supervisors, their power grabs with other county officials, and the current criminal investigations into them. We are happy to post it on our site and will update it as we receive new info. They must be held accountable and the public has a right to know what their money is being spent on and the way they are treating other county officials and agencies. When it comes time for elections, this list will be available so voters can make an informed decision as to whether they want these Chicago-style politicians reelected or not.

Look who's in bed together!

Supervisors sue County Attorney to block criminal investigations

Supervisors' shadow County Attorney's Office growing larger than County Attorney's litigation department

Thomas: Put Stapley prosecutor on agenda

Supervisors Wilson, Brock and Wilcox vote to hike speed camera fees

Paper misfired in labeling Arpaio

Supervisors considering increasing photo speed camera fees today

County's latest tussle with Thomas could backfire

Maricopa County Manager David Smith is all Blogged up

Maricopa County Going After Bloggers?

AZ County GOP Pols Squash First Amendment Rights

"Big Tent" Plague: AZ GOP Tool David Smith goes after Bloggers

Conflicts of interest vs. free speech

Clueless Arizona GOP heavies demonizing bloggers?

Even the GOP are getting into the stifling of the First Amendment

GOP run amok in Arizona

David Smith and 1st Amendment Violations in Maricopa County

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Attack Free Speech

GOP shows true colors in Maricopa County violation of 1st Amendment rights

Maricopa County Manager takes aim at MCAO, conservative bloggers

David Smith's private twilight zone

Critics say County Manager overstepped bounds with letter

County chief riles Thomas in hunt for news leaks

Supervisors seek Thomas officials' blog history

Time to fire Supervisors' attorney Wade Swanson - County Attorney explains Swanson's erroneous legal opinions

County Attorney responds to embarassing reversed legal opinion from Supervisors

Goldwater Institute releases investigative report on Supervisor Wilcox's corrupt airport deal

High-profile lawyer hired to prosecute Stapley

Another county supervisor with ties to NACo-Gate (Stapley's transfer of political funds)

Millions of Wasted Dollars Hidden by Supervisors' Creation of Special Taxing Districts

Maricopa Sheriff investigating Supervisor Wilcox's airport restaurant financing, minority business status

Supervisor Don Stapley arrested again on 93 felony charges

Thomas petitions high court to retain turf

Sheriff Arpaio sues Supervisors, jails' health care agency

Why are the Supervisors throwing a political party in the County building for the Mexican consulate?

Supervisors' attorney Tom Irvine in more trouble

Liberal Arizona Republic denounces Supervisors' spending on high-priced attorney Irvine

County Supervisors caught spending astronomical funds on separate outside legal counsel Tom Irvine

Legislature investigating Supervisors' spending at law enforcement unions' request

Supervisors successfully control the judiciary and court cases they're involved in by giving court its $340 million new tower

Did Supervisor Stapley get a free trip to Sweden to attend Al Gore's global warming award?

Excessive spending going on at County

Board of Supervisors Under Investigation by Dept. of Justice for past 5 months

Maricopa County Supervisors implement even MORE diversity efforts

Arizonans in Action: 347 Million Court Tower Boondoggle Drama Continues

Time for Judicial Reform - Superior Court in bed with Supervisors

County Supervisors: Do as we say, not as we do - Hypocritical expensive Clean Air campaign

AIA: $347 Million Court Tower Boondoggle Hurts Taxpayers

Two of five Supervisors under criminal investigation - time to clean house

Board of Supervisors stalling on mediation with other county elected officials to resolve disputes

ABC15 video exposing corruption by supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox

Dramatic new developments in ongoing Board of Supervisors investigation

Supervisors cut law enforcement funding, give money to Chicanos por la Causa and other non-necessary causes

Stapley sells out his Mesa constituents for $347 million court tower

PR: Board of Supervisors Nixes Funding Once More for Illegal Immigration Fight

More details emerge about Supervisors’ $347 million Taj Mahal court tower

Scandal increases: Investigation discovers conflict with Supervisors’ $347 million new court tower

Is the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors out of control?

County lobbyist is a big spender

Sheriff Arpaio says County Supervisors have a vendetta against him

Board of Supervisors revenge on County Attorney: We’ll fire your attorneys and hire our own shadow county attorney’s office

Channel 5 coverage of County Supervisors’ takeover of the County Attorney’s Office

County Treasurer Hos Hoskins may sue Board of Supervisors over extravagant $347 million court tower

$347 million Taj Mahal new court tower includes marble, travertine, decorative porcelain tile, wood floors

Maricopa Superior Court lays off 42 employees - but won’t cut a dime from Taj Mahal court tower

STAPLEYGATE: AZ Republic cheered Democrat AG Goddard for the exact same prosecution a few years ago

Tribune - Prosecutor: Stapley using office to duck charges

Thomas/Arpaio Sue Maricopa County Board of Supervisors

County Supervisors Vote to Cut Thomas, Violate State Law

Press Release: County Employee Blows Whistle on Judicial Bias

Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley Indicted on 118 counts

Dowling Sues Board of Supervisors

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ Power Grab: Treasurer's Office

Goddard’s partisan witchhunt against conservative Dowling ends in probation for minor misdemeanor

Goddard and Stapley: More expensive meth commercials - and the Republic advertises for me for free!

Despite severe budget problems, Maricopa County pouring money into AZ Meth public information campaign and Clean Air advertising

Is Sandra Dowling Innocent?

The Opinion The County and Arizona Republic Refuses to Print

David Smith, County Manager

Sheriff investigating County Manager

Supervisors want deputy county attorneys to swear a loyalty oath to unelected DAVID SMITH?

Would he take credit for a good rain? - Taking potshots at elected officials Maricopa: Worst Run County in America

Maricopa County Payrates - David Smith, County Manager, is highest-paid with $216,382

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