Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another county supervisor with ties to NACo-Gate (Stapley's transfer of political funds)

Looks like Don Stapley isn't the only county supervisor in trouble for transferring money between his personal political campaign account and his NACo account. A county supervisor Stapley worked with at NACo, Lou Maguzzo from New Jersey, has also been caught doing the same thing. Maguzzo loaned himself money from the local Democrat Party, then transferred that money to his NACo account. According to this piece in PolitickerNJ, Stapley and Maguzzo are closely connected. From the article -

Lou Magazzu during his campaign for second vice president of NACo was proud of his close working relationship with Stapley of Arizona proclaiming in his candidate profile which is still on NACo's website, "I have also served on President Don Stapley's Task Force on Governance."

"Don Stapley and Lou Magazzu worked together on a NACo task force and both have transferred money from a political account to a NACo account. It just appears a little too coincidental that two guys who have worked with each other have a similar problem revolving around their NACo accounts," Cumberland County GOP Chairman Bob Greco said. "Now I have to wonder if it's possible Magazzu discussed how to transfer funds to a NACo account with Stapley."
Maguzzo has since taken off that reference to Stapley from his website, no doubt due to the criminal investigations into Stapley.

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  1. Magazzu is going down in flames. Is Stapley too?


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