Sunday, September 13, 2009

UA Alumni magazine full of leftist propaganda

Some clear proof ASU is a better school than UA. We got ahold of a University of Arizona Alumnus magazine from Fall 2009. It was so full of typical left wing articles that it wasn't worth reading - why not just pick up a copy of Mother Jones or The Nation if you want a magazine about left wing causes. Here is what was in the magazine, other than a couple of token sports stories:

--In the Letters to the Editor section, an Editor's Response on the magazine's policy of printing pictures of same-sex couples announcing their marriages. p. 7

--An article on how three UA professors are trying to ban smoking worldwide. p. 9

--An article about Hispanics and college degrees (we don't have a problem with covering Hispanic news, but when it's done to the exclusion of all other races except politically correct races we see some bias and unfairness). p. 10

--An article about budget cuts and how plans to merge the ethnic programs into one program brought out protests from radical Hispanics, so the University president met with them and assured them that the plan wasn't finalized. p. 16

--An article called Sustaining Planet Earth, and Us, Too on promoting environmentalism. One faculty member, Diana Liverman, is featured in an article entitled Speaking of Caps and Trades, where her left wing environmental activism on behalf of the biased United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report is praised. There is a special article about the UA's latest two (not just one) environmentalist departments focusing on climate change, the Sechool of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Sustainable Engineered Systems. p. 19-25

--Finding a Place, an article about Hispanics at the UA. Again, we have no problem with articles about Hispanics, but what about all the other groups at the UA? Christian organizations. Exchange students from other countries. Gifted kids who skip their last year or two of high school and go straight into college. Irish kids who came to the UA from Ireland to attend school here. We'll never see any of them featured. p. 26-28

--A profile of a guy named Lionel Lee Rombach who "lived the green life long before it became trendy." His profile is used to market the UA Foundation. Huh? That kind of an ad will just scare away half the grads who don't buy into the manmade global warming scare. p. 29

--A story about the film Laramie Inside Out, which exposes the God Hates Fags guy Rev. Fred Phelps. While that's nice to expose the guy, who pretty everyone agrees is a jerk, don't expect this magazine to ever run something exposing a fringe left wing radical like the Unabomber. p. 30-35

--Info and pictures of Intuit Art currently on display. Nice, but again, this is more promotion of politically correct ethnicities. I'm sure there are displays of Irish and English art that would never get a mention in this magazine. They may as well not even exist. p. 39

--A Visionary Leader and Consumer Advocate award given to a woman named Helen Niederehe Goetz. She was actively involved in the League of Women Voters, a left wing feminist organization. Don't think if her resume had said "Concerned Women for America" instead that she would have gotten this award. p. 57

If you find this disproportionate coverage of left wing causes offensive, feel free to send them an email at Especially if you are a UA alum. And don't give them a dime until they cut out the bias and give alums a fair and balanced magazine.


  1. Why don't you start your own narrow-minded publication and get a life you crackpot. You and your beliefs are a minority--go live in the South or utah where you are "politically correct."

  2. The above comment is a perfect example of the tolerance of leftism and one of the first steps that lead me to become an ex-liberal. These people are sick (who think they are healthy and ever 'progressive') and they won't stop.


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