Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why are the Supervisors throwing a political party in the county building for the Mexican consulate?

This is a bit disturbing. We have heard from insiders that the County Supervisors are throwing a farewell party tonight at 5:30 pm in the lobby of the county administration building for the open-borders Mexican consul general to Phoenix. Carlos Flores Vizcarra is leaving Phoenix this month to become the consulate general in Raleigh, NC. Officials all over the county have been invited to attend the party.

Vizcarra has been an outspoken opponent against enforcing our nation's immigration laws. Why is the county throwing a party for someone who politically opposes the voters of Arizona?
In an attempt to undermine Arizona law Los Angeles lawyer Peter Schey, at the request of Carlos Flores-Vizcarra, Consul General of Mexico, has filed legal motions intended to thwart the prosecution of a "coyote" and 48 illegal immigrant conspirators arrested by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office on March 2, 2006.
Vizcarra has also dismissed the Mexican government's comic book that provides directions for potential illegal immigrants to cross the border into the U.S.
He said the guide appeared to be only the latest attempt by the Mexican government to warn migrants about the dangers of crossing the border without proper documentation. The reality, however, is that many migrants will try to do so anyway, he said. "This is nothing new. It's a way to put it in very simple terms so people will understand the risks," Flores Vizcarra said. "The intention is out of concern for human rights. People are doing it anyway. We cannot ignore that there is a very big migration between our two countries, and people who are coming to work need to understand the risks.
How much is being spent on this party, someone has to pay for the refreshments. Are taxpayers footing the bill? Why does this controversial political opponent get a party, and who gets to decide who gets parties and who doesn't? Us taxpayers pay for the county building, can we decide to have a party for someone like J.D. Hayworth funded by taxpayers in the county building?

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