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Millions of Wasted Dollars Hidden by Supervisors' Creation of Special Taxing Districts

Part One


We at Arizonans In Action wanted to let you know about a little bit of research we have been conducting over the past few weeks in Maricopa County that we thought you might be interested in knowing since the County Supervisors won't let you in on this hidden gem.

One of the biggest secrets the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors do not want you to know is how they farm off parts of county government that chronically lose money into separate "special taxing districts" where financial losses are all but hidden from the public.

Instead of making these sinkhole areas of county government financially responsible, the Supervisors hide them where taxpayers don't hear about their losses, allowing them to freely continue their irresponsible spending unaccountable to anyone.

Sure, the County Supervisors brag that they never directly raise your property taxes because they shift responsibility to the special districts to raise your property taxes.

Take for example this little nugget that did not get much attention. Recently, the Special Healthcare District in June voted to raise your property taxes. Did you hear about it? Did you know about it? No because the county's special taxing districts fly under the radar of the taxpayers and largely aren't covered by the media.

Over the next few installments, we will examine some of these districts and the millions of taxpayer dollars that are going down the drain.

Maricopa County Special Healthcare District

The Maricopa County Special Healthcare District (MIHS) was created a few years ago by a ballot and consists of a healthcare insurance plan and a couple of hospitals. However, MIHS was largely created because it continues to lose huge amounts of money. The debt was siphoned off into a different district where its losses would go undetected and would not count against the county budget. Once separated, it could have its own property tax separate from the general county budget. This property tax could increase as much as its board deemed necessary because it was no longer accountable to the county.

Let's take a closer look at the continual losses that MIHS posts, particularly the specialty clinics:

Please click here to continue reading about the Maricopa County Healthcare District

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