Thursday, September 3, 2009

Supervisors' attorney Tom Irvine in more trouble

The Board of Supervisors' overpriced attorney, Tom Irvine, who used to represent the Democrat Party, is now in trouble with another client, the Scottsdale Area Chamber, for allowing campaign finance violations. Following Irvine's advice, the Chamber engaged in express advocacy in favor of the former Democrat Mayor Mary Manross (and others) without registering or filing campaign finance reports. There's a document from Irvine in which he says what the Chamber did was legal. The Tucson City Attorney authored the opinion finding the campaign violations.

Initially, Democrat AG Goddard was investigating, but when it was discovered that he had campaigned for Manross, he was forced to turn the investigation over to the Tucson City Attorney. This wouldn't be the first time Goddard tried to "investigate" a friend in order to get them off the hook. Democrats Goddard has investigated in the past seem to skate. Whereas there is a long list of Republicans Goddard has investigated who have been zealously prosecuted, sometimes to the point of devastating their careers, even when Goddard wasn't able to make any charges stick.

Growing list of Republican victims of Goddard persecution

Sandra Dowling
Doug Martin
David Peterson
David Burnell Smith
Doug Quelland
Kevin Ross
Joel Fox
Constantin Querard
Jeff Dial
Rick Murphy
Colette Rosati

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