Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tom Horne Launches Exploratory Committee Website

State Superintendent of Education, Tom Horne, has launched his official exploratory committee website for Attorney General.

The site is basically one page and allows individuals to make donations to the campaign. Horne will be running traditional based on his website’s fundraising information.

There are currently four candidates running for Arizona Attorney General including Democrat, David Lujan and Republicans, Sam Crump and Andrew Peyton Thomas.

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  1. I am currently involved in litigation with Tom Horne for defamation of character. The evidence found in the audio tapes and transcripts establishes his guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. I have asked for an apology but he refuses so I am suing the 'gentleman from Harvard Law'.

    I will be picketing the March '10 State Board of Education meeting with a placard that reads on one side "Dethrone the Bush Clone, Tom Horne" and on the other "Tom Horne is a Liar".



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