Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inappropriate criticism of gubernatorial candidate Vernon Parker smacks of racism

We were appalled to see the article, "Republican Imposter Vernon Parker Runs for Governor of AZ" appear on the respected website Red State. The anonymous author cites Parker's acceptance of a minority bid contract as evidence that he is not a Republican, then proceeds to bash Republicans who support candidates because they're black. The author offers no further evidence that Parker lacks Republican credentials. Yet he (or she) jumps into a tirade that Republicans need to quit supporting black candidates because they're black.

Just because Parker accepted a government contract due to minority status does not discredit him as a Republican. It doesn't mean he agrees philosophically with the concept and would promote it. It isn't much different than accepting tax credits and deductions even though you philosophically disagree with the income tax.

For those who don't know him, Parker is a solid conservative. He is running on a platform challenging Governor Brewer's tax increase, and says his first goal when he enters office is to eliminate the corporate income tax. A devout Christian, he served as pastor of his church for two years when there was a need.

Parker is attractive and charismatic, and in addition to his experience (he is Mayor of Paradise Valley - he has more executive experience than Obama), people are drawn to him also because of that. Some n'er-do-wells may try and confuse this kind of attraction with liking him because of his race, which, ironically, creates a real disadvantage for minorities.

This article is disturbing. Republicans are never going to get rid of the stereotype that there are racists in the party when there are poorly disguised racist articles like this carried by major conservative publications.

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