Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's wrong with beautiful Mormon temples in your neighborhood?

Photos of the Mormon temple in Mesa

T'he recent article in the Republic about residents opposing a Mormon temple being built in their neighborhood is odd. For one, Mormon temples, like Catholic cathedrals, are beautiful. Secondly, it's not like putting a tattoo parlor or strip club in your neighborhood. The kind of people it is going to attract are probably going to be people you would feel safe around. The arguments against it - that it would stand out, that its lights at night would be too bright - are straw man arguments. Let's hope they're not really a front for religious discrimination.


  1. I feel they make the neighborhood a better community. However, I may be biased as I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon). There are always those that will fight aginst good and beauty.

  2. I don't belong to the Mormon Church, but I can't imagine anything better in my neighborhood. What do they want? A tattoo and massage parlor or maybe a super Walmart.

    The Temple will increase their property value!

  3. How about a mosque instead?

    Like the one being built on I17?

  4. madmndmad

  5. I don't think you know what a "straw man" argument is.


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