Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Supervisors want deputy county attorneys to swear a loyalty oath to unelected DAVID SMITH?

submitted by a reader

This is unbelievable. The County Supervisors continue to spiral out of control, trying to take over the offices of other county officials in power grabs, and are overspending their budgets by millions of dollars while forcing 15% cuts to law enforcement and other county agencies. Now, they are telling deputy county attorneys - who work for and report to the County Attorney, not the Supervisors - to take a loyalty oath to their unelected county manager, David Smith. Smith is currently under investigation by the Sheriff's Office. The loyalty oaths would require the deputy attorneys to consult with Smith instead of their bosses in the County Attorney's Office regarding legal issues! Even our SOLDIERS serving the country aren't required to take a loyalty oath to the president. This is bizarre because the Supervisors and their manager Smith are not the bosses of these employees, they are in a separate county agency, the County Attorney's Office.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas filed an objection in court, saying, "It was an obvious attempt to continue carving up the civil division and to amass power at the expense of the taxpayers," Thomas said. "And so far, they have gotten away with it."

In another recent power grab, the Supervisors set up their own "shadow county attorney's office," slashing the budget of the County Attorney's civil division by 1/3 and hiring away some of their employees. They hired a 35-year old green attorney to run their shadow county attorney office and are paying him around $175,000/yr - a lot more than even the County Attorney makes. It is obvious that the Supervisors are trying to dismantle the County Attorney's Office and put that office underneath them. But that's not the type of government we have. If the voters want a County Attorney that is appointed by the Supervisors, they can change the system of government. But so far they haven't, and they would prefer to elect the County Attorney, Sheriff, etc.

The question is, who do you want advising the county on civil issues? The County Supervisors (most of them are Republicans but they always side with the Democrats when it comes to spending and social issues like promoting diversity) and their manager David Smith, who have proven time and time again that they are spending out of control, or the County Attorney, who was elected to the position by the people and has a proven record of fiscal responsibility?


  1. I vas polishink mein jackboots dis evenink ven a friend of mein told me about der Kounty Manager. Heil Smith, Heil Smith, Heil Smith

    Ahh, chust like der old times ven ve could pledge our loyalty to der little man mit der mustache.

    Amerika, you are on der road to purgatory, und you haff lots of help from top to bottom.

  2. what is it going to take to clean us up again? Maybe when California sinks into the ocean and the east coast is flooded from the sea to Philadelphia - maybe, just maybe then, we will wake up.

    I feel like someone picked up a rock and all the creepy, crawly things came out. They look like people, but act like worms.

    The David Smiths and all the others who worship at the alter of money and power have to go. I can't wait for elections.

  3. Will legal employees also be required to clich heels and extend right arm upwards in Mr. Smith's presence?

    And, perhaps more to the point, will they have to keep silent regarding the County's janitorial hiring practices?

  4. Does the County even have janitorial staff? Seems like the place is full of garbage like smith. I hear they all do their daily affirmation with Smith in the morning. He reminds me of Jim Jones. Watch out if he bring the cool aide to the next BOS meeting. Those supervisors better do what he says. Get Wilson to shave her pits before raising he arm in salute to Smith.


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