Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sheriff investigating County manager

Thanks to our readers for submitting these articles exposing the financial excesses in county government. Since county government tends to fly under the radar, being not as interesting as statewide politics, we are happy to provide some sunshine into what's going on there.

MCSO investigating Maricopa County Manager David Smith

Arpaio said his office has several criminal and other investigations into parts of county governments, and he did say Smith and his office were part of that.
The MCSO is investigating airport restaurant leases held by businesses owned by Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox and helped secure 2008 indictments against Supervisor Don Stapley over disclosure of real estate development and business deals.
Maricopa County PIO De Uriate said the county is resisting Arpaio’s request citing costs, opting to fight it in court. He also notes Arpaio’s attorneys have said there was an investigation of Maricopa County Superior Court Presiding Judge Barbara Mundell.
The MCSO is fighting with the Board of Supervisors and Smith over the Sheriff’s office raid Aug. 12 and takeover of a $25 million criminal justice computer system shared by county legal and law enforcement agencies. The MCSO said county officials were trying to make changes to the system without approval by partner agencies and they cited worries about system security.

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