Sunday, September 13, 2009

We paid $2.5 million for this art, as employees were laid off?

Remember the $2.5 million "cactus flower" the City of Phoenix paid $2.5 million of your tax dollars for, as the country was entering a recession? At least 10 employees lost their jobs, and 1000 more were eliminated (probably a good thing to decrease the size of government, but when the economy picks up, the Democrats who run Phoenix will just hire them back, causing undue stress and wasted training). We took a look at it yesterday, and surprise surprise, it looks nothing like the picture on the City of Phoenix website. You be the judge, which picture did we take, and which is the fake amplified version? Seeing how mediocre it turned out, the cost is even less justified. Thanks, big-spender Democrat Mayor Phil Gordon. (click on the real photograph to see it close up - it's really that bad)


  1. I saw it live. It does not look like a desert flower. It looks like a net hanging from some poles. Not attractive at all. What a waist of tax money and space of land. That is another question to ask. How much does it cost to maintain?

  2. Agreed. This is worthless. Where's the accountability on the part of those making such absurd decisions as deciding to install this thing in light of these economic times? Boo, Hiss.


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