Wednesday, November 18, 2009

County Manager David Smith tries to silence conservative blogs by filing bar complaints


Sonoran Alliance, this blog, and are not run by government employees or attorneys. Filing complaints with the Arizona State Bar about county employees, in which you falsely claim that the publicly available information posted on these sites violates attorney-client privilege is not going to trample on the free speech rights of these blogs.


  1. My friend has access to a political blog in town, and has shown me anonymous comments posted on it from the County Supervisors IP addresses very derogatory of other county agencies, including the Sheriff's Office and County Treasurer's Office. Coincidentally, all of the other county elected officials recently demanded that the County Supervisors fire Smith. Now that the County Supervisors and Smith have fired the County Attorney as the County's Attorney, putting their own shadow County Attorney in as counsel, it's pretty clear to me that their own
    shadow County Attorney now has an attorney-client privilege to the Sheriff and the Treasurer, and perhaps they should be the ones under scrutiny.

    I bet the Supervisors shadow County Attorney office has posted negative comments about other county agencies they are supposed to be now representing on this blog and Sonoran Alliance. Why doesn't the bar investigate them?

  2. I've never seen so much collateral damage done by two people trying to escape criminal prosecution. When is it going to stop? Smith is an attorney, but he's not licensed to practice law in Arizona, only in New York. He sent letters to attorneys in the county attorneys office accusing them of violating Arizona's attorney-client privilege rule, an ethical rule of the Arizona bar, then he filed a complaint about it with the Arizona bar. In doing so, he was acting as an attorney. I think someone should file a complaint about Smith engaging in the unauthorized practice of law in Arizona.

  3. Ha! It says "Congress shall make no law..." It does not say "David Smith shall make no law." :)


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