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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
As the Maricopa County Attorney's Office nears going public with its charges against Tom Horne and his co-conspirators, behind the scene deals and plea deals are being cut.

Horne's troupe is striving mightily to hold onto roles in the yet unknown incoming Attorney General's cast. While doing his best to avoid the spotlight and for obvious reasons, not the least of which is his total lack of trial experience, Horne's criminal chief Andrew Pacheco is keeping his fingers crossed for McCain to have enough clout with the replacement AG to keep Pacheco in his spot. That would allow Pacheco and McCain to cling to their pipe dream of Pacheco running for AG in 2014.

Sadly for the hopeful Pacheco, Horne must still work out the terms of his guilty plea, which will undoubtedly require Horne to admit to and identify the people he utilized when orchestrating coordination with Kathleen Winn's independent expenditure committee. This is the campaign finance fraud case the FBI has presented to the County Attorney.

The soon to be publicized list of Horne's bad actors who played a part in the campaign money scheme will be no surprise to those who have been following Showtime's coverage of this scandal. While Mr. A. G. Hopeful, wants so, so badly to be part of Horne's resignation deal, so he could stick around until 2014, he can't have his treat and eat it too. This is a classic example of the kid spilling his candy in the lobby.

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