Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quayle's Silver Lining Around IRC Cloud

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Quayle's Silver Lining Around IRC Cloud

The political operatives in the inaptly-named Independent Redistricting Commission may very well have maneuvered themselves into a dilemma of unintended consequences with their boundary shifting chicanery.

When gerrymandering the Congressional District lines, the five-member Commission made the mistake of drawing Congressman Ben Quayle into the new CD9. Faced with the choice of running a primary contest against the well financed, Tea Party supported incumbent David Schweickert in CD6 or opposing in the general election a Democrat and communist sympathizing Kirsten Synema, it's a no brainer. Arizona simply cannot afford (literally) to send an avowed Leftist to Washington and thus Ben Quayle will emerge a hero for defeating her.

Quayle is guaranteed a high-profile race with national media attention, a situation that makes most politicians salavate in anticipation. Because the Maricopa County Republican Party is dominated - yes, owned - by Tea Party conservatives, he is likely to win with very respectable numbers. His current incumbency - albeit in the old district - is a plus, as is his connection to campaign financial resources.

Word on the street is that the Republican National Committee wants Quayle and CD9 in the red column together next November. Is there any doubt that Quayle will be positioned well for his future national political ambitions with this victory in his back pocket and a Tea Party feather in his cap?

The only remaing question is whether Ben Quayle will announce in time to head off a primary challenge from other rumored formidable contenders.

Tick tock.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

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  1. Mr. Chamberlain should learn how to spell. It'S SALIVATE. As for the Maricopa County "owned" by the Tea Party, prove it Sir. The Tea Party doesn't own anything. They want smaller government, a genuine effort to reduce the debt, and an America proud of being a country of freedom to be the best that you can be without government intervention.


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