Friday, January 20, 2012


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Friday, January 20, 2012

My enemy's friend is not my friend. Horne is harboring Andrew Pacheco on his payroll while Pacheco rehearses for his next audition for political office. So let's give him the spotlight.

Recall the earlier review by this journal that exposed Pacheco for hosting a fundraiser at his home in 2008 for Democrat candidate for Maricopa County Attorney, Tim Nelson. That gathering of Democrat elites in Pacheco's home says it all.

Pacheco is a disciple of John McCain, having pledged his allegiance to the Roman Senator in McCain's first failed Presidential bid back in 2000. Since then Pacheco has been vying for public office by propping himself up at various law firms and prosecutors' offices, mostly as a do nothing tag along under Rick Romley. Now Horne is about to give Pacheco a big stage to rehearse on.

It is widely known that Horne's Criminal Division Chief, James Keppel, is leaving soon. None too soon. Keppel was a Romley staffer who should have exited the stage when the voters yanked Romley with the bad actor hook. Instead, Horne picked Keppel up off the cutting room floor. Now Pacheco wants the starring role of Criminal Division Chief and Horne is dangerously close to handing him the script.

This production is going on with the unwitting approval of Horne's Chief Deputy Rick Bistrow. The affable Bistrow is Horne's long-time friend and law partner, but clueless in his current position. This makes Bistrow the perfect choice for former Democrat heads of the Attorney General's office, who still run the box office. Bistrow is a lefty and showing signs of having stars in his eyes after the mention of a possible federal judgeship under an Obama II administration.

While Keppel clears out his dressing room, Pacheco is already painting the set.

From all appearances, Horne is just weeks away from endorsing Pacheco for Attorney General in 2014 by foolishly promoting him, without giving it a second thought.

Or maybe, as it seems, not even giving it a first thought for a smart guy like Horne who did not carry Maricopa County in his last primary election.

If this turns out to be Horne's first B movie, the re-runs will ruin him.

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