Thursday, August 27, 2009

AZ Bar Association awards go to LEFTISTS

Another reason why the AZ Bar Association, which all attorneys are required to be a member of in order to practice law in Arizona, needs to be reformed. Not only is the Bar run by the far left and criminal defense attorneys (which tend to be synonymous), but members' dues go for left wing political causes and as you can see here, to promote and recognize left wing activists. Virtually all of the Bar's annual awards go to left wing Democrats, and many of the awards are for politically correct causes. Arizona is a right to work state. It is absurd that attorneys are required to pay dues to this left wing union which so brazenly uses its members' dues to promote the left wing agenda.

Member of the Year Award - Daniel McAuliffe
A classic case of the Bar giving its own leadership awards. McAuliffe is a former Bar president and left wing Democrat who oversaw the ginning up of 13 complaints against County Attorney Andrew Thomas, which were all eventually dismissed as groundless. McAuliffe attacked Thomas viciously numerous times in the press, during the investigations, arguably violating numerous ethics rules.

James A. Walsh Outstanding Jurist Award - Hon. Ruth McGregor
McGregor is a former Democrat Chief Justice of the AZ Supreme Court.

Sharon A. Fullmer Legal Aid Attorney of the Year Award - Rachel Wilson
The title of the award says it all - Legal Aid is a radical leftist group that receives funding from the AZ State Bar to provide free legal representation for criminals and politically correct causes. Ms. Wilson's website reveals that she is one of the most far left attorneys out there - a public defender championing immigration representation.

Tom Karas Criminal Justice Award - Bruce S. Griffen
The criminal defense attorneys who control the bar set up their own award for themselves. Griffen is a left wing criminal defense attorney in Flagstaff.

Michael C. Cudahy Criminal Justice Award - Barbara La Wall
In a pretense not to look biased, this award goes to a prosecutor. But not to a prosecutor who is really tough on crime or a Republican. This one goes to Pima County Attorney Barbara La Wall, a Democrat feminist with a reputation for being soft on crime.

Judicial Award of Excellence - Hon. Wendy S. Morton
Although this Scottsdale City Court judge is registered as an Independent, you can bet she is liberal, due to her history of prosecuting sex crimes and serving on the board of the AZ Bar's left wing AZ Foundation for Legal Services & Education, an arm of the Bar that exists to dole out members' dues to left wing organizations.

Award of Special Merit - John W. Rogers
This guy just won the Bar's President's Award last year, which is awarded to someone the State Bar president picks. Last year the Bar president was left wing criminal defense attorney Ed Novak. Obviously this Rogers guy is really greased in with the bar and criminal defense attorneys who control it in order to get yet another award a year later. He works for Perkins Coie in litigation, nothing that jumps out as awardworthy. He's most likely a Democrat but we're unable to confirm.

Outstanding Young Lawyer Award - Victoria Tandy
She's not that outstanding of a lawyer if she doesn't bother to vote. She's not registered to vote. It's obvious why she got the award, she was a translator for the left wing Arizona Justice Project, which opposes the death penalty. She used to work for the large left wing firm Quarles Brady and is a member of the International Law group of the Bar, which is generally a left wing group.

Distinguished Public Lawyer Award - Chris Straub
Probably a Republican, but known for following the dictates of his liberal feminist boss Barbara LaWall.

Career Achievement Award - Public Lawyer - Nancy E. Logan
Not content to just have one award for government lawyers at the public trough, the Bar has a second redundant award. It would be one thing if this award went to a prosecutor, which is a necessary function of government. But no, of course these awards are reserved for civil government attorneys, who are usually Democrats. Logan is a Democrat who is now practicing disability law.

President's Award - Jessica Funkhouser
Known for her work for Democrats and turncoat Republican politicians, it is no surprise that she is a buddy of the last Bar president.

President's Award - Patrick J. McGroder III
His bio says he works at Gallagher & Kennedy, one of the largest left wing law firms in AZ. His activities include politically correct causes like domestic violence activism.

President's Award - Pamela A. Treadwell-Rubin
Another Democrat and past bar president. And another example of the Bar giving its own staff awards.

Hon. John R. Sticht Excellence in Disabilities Accessibility Award - Mesch, Clark & Rothschild

Hon. John R. Sticht Excellence in Disabilities Accessibility Award - Quarles & Brady
One of the most left-leaning, powerful, large law firms in the state

Award of Appreciation (non-lawyer) - Bennie R. Click
Former AZ Bar board member. Yet another example of the Bar giving awards to its own staff.

Hal Israel Community Service Award - Linda Dayish Benally
This Democrat obviously got the award because of her activism promoting diversity. She is on the Bar's Diversity Task Force.

Continuing Legal Education Award - Robert B. Van Wyck
Another case of the Bar giving its own staff awards. Van Wyck, a Democrat, is the Bar's past Chief Counsel, known for his witchhunt against County Attorney Andrew Thomas last year over 13 complaints that were all eventually dismissed.

Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law Award - Shelli Soto
This left wing award given to this Democrat needs no explanation. Where is the equivalent award on the right, like the Committee on Individual Rights Award?

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