Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rep. Barto railroaded at LD7 meeting over sanctuary city bill nonvote

A reader sends in this report from Tuesday night's LD7 meeting:

Our LD7 meeting was absolute chaos. Rep. Nancy Barto, who dodged the vote on HB2280, the bill that would have banned sanctuary cities, therefore ensuring its defeat, showed up to explain herself. The PCs at the meeting were not happy with her explanation, which was pretty vague, she just said she didn't like the way it was written. The audience got pretty unruly attacking her. Not a single person stood up to defend her. Even her fellow LD7 Representative Ray Barnes stood up and criticized her nonvote. LD7 is a solidly Republican district. Barto was elected to represent our viewpoints. By deliberately sabotaging this important bill, Barto has shown that she will not represent the voters who elected her. We're going to find someone to run against her next year.

Editor's note - Nancy Barto explained her nonvote on Sonoran Alliance here.

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