Sunday, August 23, 2009

Horne gets 6 speeding tickets in 18 months and wants to be the state's top law enforcement?

Something is very wrong with this picture. Tom Horne, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, wants to run for Attorney General and has formed an Exploratory Committee. But he's gotten six speeding tickets over 18 months. And two of the photo radar tickets were never paid and got dismissed - don't you wish that had happened to those photo radar tickets YOU got? Apparently Horne's wife refused to identify herself to the process server.

Now, I can understand one speeding ticket in 18 months, even two. But SIX??? Not if you're going to be the #1 law enforcement officer in the state. Disqualified. Someone who shows this much flagrant disrespect for the law does not belong in the top spot for enforcing the law.

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