Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New website LifeLibertyFreedom.com for contacting AZ legislators

From Senator Russell Pearce:

There is a new website out there called www.LifeLibertyFreedom.com It is a free tool for good law abiding citizens to use in contacting legislators at the Arizona capitol. You can write one e-mail and this system will send a separate e-mail to those legislators that you specify. You can select all 90 legislators at the capitol or just the House or the Senate. You can also just select the party affiliation, the leadership or committee members from any of the committees.

Couple of things to keep in mind though and that is this, the site was just launched on July 29th and there may be a few changes that may need to be made so be mindful of that. The guys at Life Liberty Freedom have worked real hard on this project. Also in order to use this system you must agree to the terms and conditions as well as the political views of Life Liberty Freedom. If you agree to the political views, which personally I do, then sign up at
www.LifeLibertyFreedom.com. This is one powerful tool for you to use in making your voice heard at the capitol. Go sign up now! Remember it is FREE!



P.S. don't forget to pass this on.

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  1. Thank you Russell. I am asking you to run for Senate against Flake. Flake considers Immigration a social issue, we with the Tea Party as you, consider it a Fiscal issue. We do not want to hear any more excuses from Flake or his so called explanations on his voting record on immigration. You are the working man's and woman's hero and we need you to run for US Senate.


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